" I would like to thank a very professional bilingual driver of ESS, because he found one lap top of our Italian Executive in the International Airport of São Paulo. We heard from Executive that while he was checking in, to return back to Italy, the driver went to the Airport Police Station looking for the computer, with no success, ran down to the lost & found on the arrival floor, near the luggage coming in from the airplanes. He found the lap top that was already considered lost and handed it to the Italian Executive before he took the flight "
- Marketing Assistant – Philips do Brasil Ltda

" I feel safer with ESS Bilingual Drivers, because as well as understanding my language, they always know the route in advance and therefore I can do some work during the trip on my laptop or mobile phone "
- Lubrificant General Manager – Shell Brasil Ltda

" We have a contract with the normal taxis in São Paulo, but for important visitors or foreigners, we always call ESS. We trust their transfer service entirely, the drivers are bilingual, efficient, courteous and punctual. Besides this, we can also pay them by American Express Card".
- Assistant to General Management - NXP Semiconductors

" We have contract with a taxi company and they put a exclusive taxi stand close to our gate, but even so, when we need a transfer or a trip demanding a special care, always request ESS, due to work with bilingual drivers(English/Portuguese) and executive vehicles, vans, minibus and buses "
- Procurement / Apoio Administrativo – Souza Cruz S/A